Noggin- My Brain on Ethics

Effective ETHICS & COMPLIANCE training and tracking tools for classrooms and companies large and small, tailored for multiple generations and learning styles.

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Why Noggin?

Speak fluent ethics in business, engineering, accounting, and other professional and personal situations.

What Will I Learn?

What ethics is and how it works:
The ways that I think, feel, and act in business, professional, and personal situations in which I choose right actions from wrong ones

Who Will Help Me?

Noggin uses three totem animals to illustrate the ways I judge what is right and wrong. Noggin also uses a series of graphic novel cartoons to create engaging ethics cases for my consideration

How Will I Learn?

By exploring Noggin's active-learning lessons, challenging myself with learning assurance exercises, practicing with ethics cases, and by discussing with with classmates, friends, or work colleagues

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What Our Students are Saying about
Noggin- My Brain on Ethics

"I learned that gut judgements are triggered by patterns and emotions. I've never before been provided terminology which could explain my instinctual reaction to a situation before. When looking at the positive and negative patterns listed on the slides, I can quickly determine and explain what caused a gut judgement. "
"Now that I have more of an understanding of ethics and its terminology, I will be more adept at both asking purposeful questions and determining my response to a situation I may perceive as unethical."

"Ethics is important, and I will use it in my life to help me when working with people in complex situations. I will use what I learned by being able to pitch with empathy without losing my rationality. I will think about thinking and realize in life it is not only important to understand why I'm making a certain decision but to also understand why someone else is."
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